Maize Backed Miyani-Sarafu

What would happen if businesses used a portion of their profits to help a community in the form of a voucher that could be used as a currency? We are going to find out!

Our first cooperative maize milling factory has been setup as backing for a rural community currency which will start circulation in the following months. The factory will mill local maize and issue vouchers for stored flour. The vouchers will be issued for environmental service work managed by Green World Campaign and as a mutual-credit to hundreds of local businesses, farmers, schools and clinics. The community will also setup their first local weekly market as a hub for trade. We're really excited about our first rural community currency!

Environmental Service Credits: In addition to creating a credit that moves through the community, profits from cooperatives businesses also support community currency as a reward for environmental services. in partnership with Green World Campaign we reward students that plant and tend to indegenious trees and also farming groups that promote water conservation and agroforesty. This creates not only a sustainable market economy also importantly a green one.