Grassroots News

Maize Backed Miyani-Sarafu

Our first maize milling factory has been setup as backing for a rural community currency.

Dominic Okello - Bangla-Pesa Foundation Member Passes

It is sad to announce the sudden death of Dominic Okello.

New Bills for a New Economy

DOEN's New Economy Program Team

New Bills for 2017. These new bills have us blown away with their quality.

Detergent Accelerator

.... later when he actively started using Sarafu-Credit, he got more customers who are part of the Business Network

Not your Typical Vegetable Kiosk

Vegetable Kiosk

“I have also become a supplier of vegetables in 5 of the restaurants around here because they top up their payments in Bangla-pesa which they receive from their customers”

Rural Community Currencies for Food Security

Water collection by women and youth

To tackle insecurity holistically in both urban and rural economies will truly put our community currencies to the test and change how development is done.

Queen of Katwe

If you haven't seen the film Queen of Katwe, please go out and watch it. Katwe is one of the areas we are looking for support to start a community currency in.

Liquidity Risk in Community Currency

We're very happy to start the year with a visit from our Credit Risk adviser Jimmy Heyns from Belgium.