Grassroots News

715 Members and Growing Fast

Cyber-Cafe using Sarafu-Credit came up with their own sign.

Sarafu-Credit users in five locations around Kenya have increased by over 83% since January 1st.

Super-Market Super-Currency

Settlers in Nairobi's Kawangware informal settlement will soon benefit from access to low priced goods cooperatively stocked by the Gatina Business Organization (GBO) and sold in Community Currency.

Mangroves and the Eco-nomy

We've been working to replace the need for Mombasa's Bangladesh residents to import food and conserve their environment while using Bangla-Pesa.

Sarafu-Credit Takes Shape

We've been introducing the Sarafu-Credit model and our community currencies are off to a great start.

Kwaheri 2015 - Community Service and Results

Summary of 2015 and end year community services using Community Currency.

Bangla-Pesa Market, Shoes and Permaculture

Bangla-Pesa open market day

Bangla-Pesa's first market day was open to the public with great results, and continued progress on food gardens.

Permaculture School Farm via Bangla-Pesa

Bangla-Pesa gets its first dedicated community garden, built around two schools.

Mikindani Community Currency Market Day

The Kwa Ng'ombe Business Network held their 1st Market day - allowing the public to use Ng'ombeni-Pesa Community Currency.