Grassroots News

5 Kenyan Community Currencies Meet

A total of 5 Business Networks united by Community Currency (CC) usage were represented at a single meeting in Mombasa.

Municipal Bonds and Community Currency

Will Ruddick presenting Community Currencies at the Conference REsolutions Africa / Marrakesh 2014

What if local governments could fund budgets through the support of the informal sector?

Kibera's Lindi-Pesa gaining momentum

The 3rd community currency of Nairobi Lindi-Pesa already has over 120 small businesses pre-registered and waiting for the upcomming launch!

Update from Kangemi-Pesa Nairobi

School accepting Kangemi-Pesa Community Currency in Nairobi's Kawangware Informal Settlement

The typical member of the network is a small business selling products or services answering the daily needs of the community (Food, Education, charcoal, groceries…). He/she is using between 50 to 100 Kangemi-Pesa (0.5-1$) a day with 2 to 5 other members.

Berg Rand Launches in South Africa

The BergRand or BRAND - which means 'Fire' Money in Afrikaans, had an amazing launch today!

Francis the Millionaire

The story of Francis Munua, our first 'Millionaire' using Gatina-Pesa in Nairobi's Kawangware slum.

Progress in South Africa

Kokstad Community Currency Implementers (FLOW) doing an educational drama.

One of our partner programs in South Africa was recently featured on the news.

News from Brazil

Every now and then we get new of great things happening in Brazil. Here is a wonderful blog that details some things happening there. The team hopes to be going there in October, sharing and bringing back a lot of new ideas!