Grassroots News

Gatina-Pesa and South Africa

Gatina-Pesa in Nairobi (a sister currency to Bangla-Pesa) is set to launch in early October! and an amazing team in South Africa wants to create two currencies similar to Bangla-Pesa.

University of Nairobi Research Visit

When I visited Bangladesh for a research visit from the University of Nairobi, I also sought to understand how the Bangla Pesa works as I intend to be part of the Nairobi Bangla Pesa’s in Kangemi and Kawangware.

Wanjala Visits Bangladesh

Bangla-Pesa supported students

Francis Wanjala is the headmaster at Sifa Childrens' Home in Nairobi. After making his first trip to Mombasa he shared with us his experiences and desire to bring the Bangla-Pesa program to Nairobi.

Nairobi Bangla-Pesa Making Strides

Two settlements in Nairobi are racing to create their own Bangla-Pesa systems. Kawangware and Kangemi groups are already near the minimum of 100 business members to begin their programs.

School Fees with Bangla-Pesa

July has seen the Bangla-Pesa program surpass 200 accepting businesses and the introduction of three primary schools into the trading network.

Panty Distribution Success

We believe menstruation shouldn't threaten education for those who need it the most, disadvantaged girls facing an uphill battle against a patriarchal society that is changing, though slowly. The need is great and it remains. There were so many girls in Bangladesh alone that we could not reach.

A New Kind of Cash

Cash is still king. Just a different kind of cash.

Targeting cash as the enemy of the poor is sadly short sighted and self serving coming from the big money behind the Gates foundation.

Bangla-Pesa Waste, Volleyball and Nairobi

Bangla-Pesa waste collection group

This week we saw Bangla-Pesa inspiring waste collection, volleyball games and starting to spread to Nairobi.