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Bangla-Pesa - Can we do it again?

The local government through the Kenya National Assembly, Jomvu Minister of Parliament as well a Mombasa County Assembly representative have expressed their desire that Koru-Kenya focus on replicating the benefits of the Bangla-Pesa program in a nearby informal settlement named Ganahola.

Borstal Boys: Poi and Life Skills Behind Bars

Borstal Boy

The MotoMoto Program is helping make a difference at the Shimo La Tewa Borstal Institution which houses 313 boys from all over Kenya.

Bangla-Pesa Survey Results Feb-2014

Read about how Bangla-Pesa is effecting an informal settlement in Kenya through our recent survey results.

Marciana's struggle, porridge and Bangla-Pesa

“I used to be without food because we wouldn't have enough Kenyan Shillings, now I can eat even when I don’t have the Kenyan Shillings because I still have the Bangla-Pesa to use.”

Menstrual Cycles: Barriers to Education

Panty recipients in Mombasa Kenya

All over Kenya girls are missing school today (for many the first day back after the holidays) because of their menstrual cycles.

Sustainable Programs and Complementary Currencies

Now in 2014, at this advanced stage in global capitalism it is evident that alternative economic development programs must go hand in hand with environmental and community development programs.

Margrit Kennedy - Thank you

One of our largest supporters and inspirations has passed on. Our whole team and the community of Bangladesh, Kenya wish to offer condolences to the friends and family of Dr. Margrit Kennedy.

Church Offerings (Sadaka) in Bangla-Pesa

Bangla-Pesa (Complementary Currency as tithing)

Faith based organizations (FBOs) are beginning to step up their usage of Bangla-Pesa to increase community services.