Ending Poverty Lies in Building Communities

Ending Poverty Lies in Building Communities.

Sarafu-Credit network model.

Communities have the potential to solve their own problems. A flourishing community is one in which people support each other, setup businesses, work, send their children to school, farm and trade with each other.

People in low income communities have the potential to flourish and trade their goods and services, but often lack money with which to purchase from each other due to economic instability. Communities and business owners need a way to exchange goods and services without relying on scarce national currency and volatile markets.

Our Solution: Community Currency Backed by Cooperative Assets.

Sarafu-Credit network model.

Sarafu-Credit (Our Premier Kenyan Community Currency):

• Is a community currency owned by networks of vendors, craftspeople and schools,
• Is backed by cooperatives that invests in key community assets such as wholesale shops and factories,
• Creates a stable source of liquidity tied to local development and trust,
• Enables trade to occur between people who don't always have enough national currency to spend.

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Community Currency: It Works!

Communities using our currencies show increased trade, job creation and savings. In addition, members have a greater sense of community pride, economic security and show increased community cohesion.

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Our Future.

Grassroots Economics currently works with over 1200 businesses and 20 schools in 6 networks in Kenya. This generates 100k of trade in USD in Sarafu-Credit annually. Grassroots Economics is poised to expand across East Africa. We are seeking partners to develop our capacity to reach thousands of communities – by improving on professional operations and mobile phone access.