Our Community Currencies (Sarafu-Credit) in Kenya are used by over 1,200 businesses and 20 schools. We also offer services that support partners to develop their own community currencies in order to develop prospering economies and thriving communities.

Our services include:

on. Badi Twalib Minister of Parliament receiving a giant Bangla-Pesa to launch a complementary currency economic empowerment program.
  • Certificate Course - Training in Kenya with a focus on practical implementation and management.

    This one week (5 days) of training by experts in Kenya, provides a grounding in Community Currency theory, implementation and management with a focus on practical understanding and skills. Read the full syllabus.

  • Environmental and Educational Program Support

    Grassroots Economics empowers new and existing community currency networks to direct local sustainable funding toward partner programs - such as environmental programs with Green World Campaign, and Educational programs with Nyendo Lernen.

  • Baseline and Inline/Endline Survey Development, Hosting, Analysis and Training

    Grassroots Economics can provide research and data collection support to ensure that programs are well documented and monitored. We provide training on setup and customization of Open Data Kit surveys for mobile phone as well as server hosting. Based on data collected Grassroots Economics can provide design parameters and guidance.

  • Implementation Support

    Our staff can provide in-person support and training as well as remote support. Consulting programs Include: FlowAfrica in Kokstad and Bergrivier, South Africa. Implementation 2014 - Launch 2015 and future programs across Africa are planned

  • Yearly auditing, renewal and certification

    Grassroots Economics provides yearly program certification on CC-Standards as well as facilitation for the renewal of expired vouchers and additional community support and training.

Program Development and Implementation:

Grassroots Economics has developed and currently facilitates six community currency programs in Kenya.

Mombasa County

  • Bangla-Pesa in Birikani Mikindani Launched 2013
    • Businesses: 218
    • Circulation: 87,200 (ksh equivalent)
    • Time in circulation: 4 years (Since 2013)
    • Cooperative Backing: Retail shop
  • Ng'ombeni-Pesa in Kwa-Ng'ombe Mikindani, Launched 2015
    • Businesses: 203
    • Circulation: 81,200 (ksh equivalent)
    • Time in circulation: 2 years (Since 2015)
    • Cooperative Backing: Tailoring

Nairobi County

  • Gatina-Pesa in Kawangware, Launched 2014
    • Businesses: 258
    • Circulation: 103,200 (ksh equivalent)
    • Time in circulation: 3 years (Since 2014)
    • Cooperative Backing: Wholesale Shop
All bills.
  • Kangemi-Pesa in Kangemi, Launched 2015
    • Businesses: 218
    • Circulation: 87,200 (ksh equivalent)
    • Time in circulation: 2 years (Since 2015)
    • Cooperative Backing: Supporting Schools
  • Lindi-Pesa in Kibera, Launched 2015
    • Businesses: 242
    • Circulation: 96,800 (ksh equivalent)
    • Time in circulation: 2 years (Since 2015)
    • Cooperative Backing: Retail Shop

Kwale County

  • Miyani-Pesa (currently in process of introduction)
All bills.
  • Businesses: 20
  • Circulation: 8,000
  • Time in circulation: New (August 2017)
  • Cooperative Backing: Maize Milling

Previous community currency programs include: Eco-Pesa. Read a full history of our programs.