Here we are - Kenya 2016

We're seeing the power of community currencies in developing thriving communities and prospering economies. This year has been exciting!

Education and Business Cycles

At Grassroots Economics, we believe that every child has a right to education hence we have a role to play in ensuring that our next generation of leaders have access to education.

Lindi and Ng'ombeni Pesa Launched

Lindi-Pesa march during launch event

The 4th and 5th Kenyan Community Currencies were launched last week within a span of 7 days.

Growing up is hard

Growing up is hard. It’s especially hard if you’re living on the streets in Mombasa, or if your misbehavior in your community led to your short-term imprisonment in a correctional facility.

“Living half-way” - Former Sex Worker Speaks Out

Esther Achola

Where should I start? I was in the industry for years. The main reason myself and most girls start sex work is because of poverty.

Visites aux orphelins de Tiwi - décembre 2012

Cette visite est différente, nous avons partagé un repas et discuté avec franchise. Je suis reconnaissante
Les membres de Koru ont rendu visite à un village de Tiwi, pour partager un repas et les récits de vie de 21 orphelins. Cette visite de 4 heures à été financée par Koru, à la demande des professionnels de santé du village qui l'ont organisée.

Tiwi Orphans Visit - Dec 2012

This visit is different, we sat down to eat together and had a frank chat. Am grateful
The Koru team visited a village in Tiwi, which had mobilized 21 orphans to share a meal and life stories. The 4 hours visit was supported by Koru, organized by the community health workers who requested for the support.