Bangla-Pesa - Can we do it again?

The local government through the Kenya National Assembly, Jomvu Minister of Parliament as well a Mombasa County Assembly representative have expressed their desire that Koru-Kenya focus on replicating the benefits of the Bangla-Pesa program in a nearby informal settlement named Ganahola.

Bangla-Pesa Survey Results Feb-2014

Read about how Bangla-Pesa is effecting an informal settlement in Kenya through our recent survey results.

Marciana's struggle, porridge and Bangla-Pesa

“I used to be without food because we wouldn't have enough Kenyan Shillings, now I can eat even when I don’t have the Kenyan Shillings because I still have the Bangla-Pesa to use.”

Church Offerings (Sadaka) in Bangla-Pesa

Bangla-Pesa (Complementary Currency as tithing)

Faith based organizations (FBOs) are beginning to step up their usage of Bangla-Pesa to increase community services.

Bangla-Pesa reloaded

We've been waiting since May 29th 2013 for this and it is finally here! Bangla-Pesa is back moving through the community. We've re-registered from scratch 100 small business members so far (hoping to reach 200+ by years end), since the official relaunch. The newly designed Bangla-Pesa just arrived in the mail today (to replace those that the police took and refused to return) - featuring a shiny hologram.

Bangla-Pesa ReLaunch

Bangla-Pesa was officially relaunched today in partnership with the Kenyan Government. There was a unanimous request from government representatives to replicate these programs to other areas in the County.

No Nonsense Bangla-Pesa Crew Getting Ready

The Bangla-Pesa crew is getting ready for our November 23rd re-launch. We have confirmed guests from parliament, the governors office, police, district and other local authorities as well as the Women's Rep. for the County.

Bangla-Pesa Anticipating November

On May 29th 2013 we were arrested and charged with forgery. On August 23rd 2013 the case against Bangla-Pesa was dropped. Now to relaunch!