Not your Typical Vegetable Kiosk

Vegetable Kiosk

“I have also become a supplier of vegetables in 5 of the restaurants around here because they top up their payments in Bangla-pesa which they receive from their customers”

Mangroves and the Eco-nomy

We've been working to replace the need for Mombasa's Bangladesh residents to import food and conserve their environment while using Bangla-Pesa.

Bangla-Pesa Market, Shoes and Permaculture

Bangla-Pesa open market day

Bangla-Pesa's first market day was open to the public with great results, and continued progress on food gardens.

Permaculture School Farm via Bangla-Pesa

Bangla-Pesa gets its first dedicated community garden, built around two schools.

African Community Currencies Update

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July saw the second Community Currency Launch in South Africa K'Mali and the beginning of loan programs in Kenya.

5 Kenyan Community Currencies Meet

A total of 5 Business Networks united by Community Currency (CC) usage were represented at a single meeting in Mombasa.

Looking toward 2015

2014 has been an intense year developing the structures to allow community currency programs to one day become accessible across Africa. We're looking forward to 2015!

Gatina & Bangla Pesa Nov Updates

After more than a year of trading Bangla-Pesa is running strong and Gatina-Pesa in Nairobi is quickly catching up!