Bangla-Pesa Anticipating November

On May 29th 2013 we were arrested and charged with forgery. On August 23rd 2013 the case against Bangla-Pesa was dropped. Now to relaunch!

Abandon des poursuites contre le Bangla-Pesa

Bangla-Pesa All Charges Dropped

L'affaire est classée! Aujourd'hui le Procureur Général de la République du Kenya a annoncé l'abandon de toutes les accusations contre le Bangla-Pesa! C'est une énorme victoire pour le bidon-ville Bangladesh et pour les programmes d'éradication de la pauvreté au Kenya.

Bangla-Pesa Charges Dropped

Bangla-Pesa All Charges Dropped

THE CASE IS OVER! Today the Director of Public Prosecutions announced that all charges against Bangla-Pesa are hereby dropped! This is a huge success for the Bangladesh and for other community groups in Kenya.

Bangla-Pesa's fate is in the hands of the DPP

Our case is postponed again! The Kenyan Dirctor of Public Prosecutions, Keriako Tobiko has recalled our case file and is seeking clarification from the Central Bank on the charges.

Bangla-Pesa Turmoil

Sadly, because of a misunderstanding by local authorities, community members including Alfred Sigo and Will Ruddick were jailed on suspicion that they were part of a secessionist terrorist group (nothing could be farther from the truth). After this was found to not be the case, and seeing no other reason to keep them in jail, the group of six (including two mothers, a grandmother, and a grandfather) were charged by the Central Bank of Kenya, with forgery for holding a printed voucher. This charge is baseless, and they in fact have a printing receipt from Kenya's top printer (Punchlines Ltd.). They are now out of jail on bail and awaiting trial.

Bangla-Pesa Launch

Today's launch of Bangla-Pesa was a great start to an empowering community process! Prior to the launch, members of the business network processed through Bangladesh, led in song by the Bangla Business Network Committee, and following the Bangla-Pesa, which was escorted by local security officials. Of the 137 local business owners that attended, 56 members completed their registration and backing process and created 400 credits each. At least 150 pending registrations will be completed in the next week.