Super-Market Super-Currency

Settlers in Nairobi's Kawangware informal settlement will soon benefit from access to low priced goods cooperatively stocked by the Gatina Business Organization (GBO) and sold in Community Currency.

New Business in Kawangware

“I was sitting in the house, not doing anything .. When I joined the organization, I saw that I could do something; that I can do business.… you see, you can change your life” - Rose in the Gatina Business Organization

Update from Kangemi-Pesa Nairobi

School accepting Kangemi-Pesa Community Currency in Nairobi's Kawangware Informal Settlement

The typical member of the network is a small business selling products or services answering the daily needs of the community (Food, Education, charcoal, groceries…). He/she is using between 50 to 100 Kangemi-Pesa (0.5-1$) a day with 2 to 5 other members.

Francis the Millionaire

The story of Francis Munua, our first 'Millionaire' using Gatina-Pesa in Nairobi's Kawangware slum.

Gatina-Pesa Starting Circulation

Nairobi's first community currency Gatina-Pesa, following Bangla-Pesa's success has started circulation with vigor. Due to its dense population and size the area of Kawangware is really showing potential as an alternative trading hub.

Der Gatina Pesa ist gestartet

Mit einer freudigen und laut tönenden Prozession, mit Sprechchören 1 Stunde lang von Congo bis zur Gatina Primary School wurde die ganze Community in Kawangware mobilisiert und die neue Regionalwährung „Gatina Pesa“ angekündigt.

Gatina-Pesa Launched

With an amazing march through the slum, starting from Congo and ending at Gatina Primary School the entire community has been mobilized around their own Community Currency Gatina-Pesa.

Gatina-Pesa Launch Prep

The Gatina Business Organization is busy preparing for the community currency's official launch on October 11th. Gatina-Pesa membership has surpassed an initial 100 people.