Nairobi's 1st Community Currency Anniversary

Gatina-Pesa is the first group of 3 Community Currencies in Nairobi to Celebrate their 1st Anniversary

1st Community Currency Market and More

September 12 was our first community market day in Nairobi and Pilau Feast in Mombasa

SMEP OIKO-Credit Loans in Kangemi

SMEP a local OIKO-Credit partner is offering Loans and Training to Community Currency users in Kangemi

New Business in Kawangware

“I was sitting in the house, not doing anything .. When I joined the organization, I saw that I could do something; that I can do business.… you see, you can change your life” - Rose in the Gatina Business Organization

African Community Currencies Update

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July saw the second Community Currency Launch in South Africa K'Mali and the beginning of loan programs in Kenya.

5 Kenyan Community Currencies Meet

A total of 5 Business Networks united by Community Currency (CC) usage were represented at a single meeting in Mombasa.

Francis the Millionaire

The story of Francis Munua, our first 'Millionaire' using Gatina-Pesa in Nairobi's Kawangware slum.

Looking toward 2015

2014 has been an intense year developing the structures to allow community currency programs to one day become accessible across Africa. We're looking forward to 2015!