EthCC & CoFi

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Grassroots Economics reached out, with team members Njambi Njoroge (Director) and Janet Otieno (Coordinator) attending key events in France “Ethereum Community Conference #EthCC” and Austria "Collaborative Finance #CoFi" respecivley.

EthCC France – Njambi Njoroge (Director)

Funding the Commons

At the fire side chat event in Paris called “Funding the Commons”, I had an opportunity to showcase Community Asset Voucher models and present real-world case studies. The session was highly interactive, and I engaged the group in activities such as the thread game to explain resource mapping, and the bean game to shed light on the traditional rotation of labor. I also highlighted community asset vouchers as promises sent to the Mweria host. The audience was captivated by the approach, and it spurred intriguing discussions. The interactive session left a lasting impression on the participants, deepening their understanding of the organization's approach.


New Models of Money

Organized by the Celo Foundation and Chainlink Labs, this event aimed to explore how money can work for the benefit of the many, not just the few. During a panel discussion titled "New Models of Money," I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with speakers from Glo Dollar and Kolektivo Labs. We delved into the concept of money as a decentralized currency, emphasizing Grassroots Economics' mission of empowering communities through their own community asset vouchers. We highlighted how this approach stimulates local economies, addresses social and environmental challenges, and fosters inclusivity and economic empowerment at the grassroots level.

It was heartening to witness the potential partnerships that emerged from this event with like-minded organizations and individuals. Our call for action garnered support to establish a system support and training fund for groups and individuals intending to create their own community asset vouchers.


CoFi Austria - Janet Otieno (Coordinator)


Recently, I had the privilege of sharing my expertise on Grassroots Economics Foundation Community Asset Vouchers and Reviving Traditional Regenerative Practices at the highly dynamic and insightful “Collaborative Finance” conference. This amazing event hosted by the Commons Hub and MC’d by Matt Slater, took place in the picturesque foothills of the Austrian Alps and brought together sixty brilliant minds from diverse backgrounds representing twenty-four different languages. During this interactive gathering, participants engaged in meaningful discussions and explored potential collaborations that could drive positive change on a global scale.


Exploring Grassroots Economics Foundation Community Asset Vouchers.

The conference provided an excellent platform for Grassroots Economics Foundation to shed  light on its innovative approach to community empowerment through Community Asset Vouchers. These vouchers enable communities in Kenya and across the world to access and create their own economic systems based on mutual credit. By adopting this decentralized system, communities can achieve sustainable impact and foster local development.


Building Connections and Collaborations.

One of the highlights of the “Collaborative Finance” conference was the opportunity to forge connections with other organizations that share a similar vision. One such inspiring partnership was formed by EthicHub, an organization that supports coffee farmers in securing loans for sustainable impact. Through collaboration, Grassroots Economics aims to create a more holistic and inclusive approach to community development, leveraging the power of Community Asset Vouchers to drive a positive change.


Training and Empowering Communities.

A core commitment of Grassroots Economics Foundation is to impact knowledge and skills to organizations and community groups in Kenya and beyond through its dedicated trainers, enabling them to harness the potential of mutual credit and support through traditional regenerative practices. By offering training sessions, the organization empowers local communities to take charge of their economic destiny and create thriving, self sustaining ecosystems.


Looking Ahead

Participating in the “Collaborative Finance” conference was a momentous opportunity for Grassroots Economics Foundation and myself. The experience of sharing insights on Community Asset Vouchers and engaging with like-minded individuals has only strengthened the commitment to its Mission. As the organization continues to grow and expand its reach, it eagerly anticipates more opportunities to share its expertise.