Mwethia to Jubilee in Kitui East

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Welcome to the heartwarming tale of unity, community empowerment, and settling debts through the vibrant jubilee celebrations in Kitui East. Here we'll explore the significance of these jubilee celebrations (done after a full traditional Mwethia cycle) and how they have transformed the lives of the local communities. The spirit of togetherness and the use of unique Community Asset Vouchers (part of a World Food Program - Community Inclusion Currency program) have made a profound impact, creating a ripple effect of positivity and self-sufficiency.

The Power of Jubilee Celebrations:

Jubilee celebrations in Kitui East are not just ordinary festivities; they are extraordinary occasions that embody the essence of unity and equality. Held yearly or quarterly, or upon the completion of rotational mutual aid cycles called "Mwethia," these celebrations serve as a platform to settle debts in the community. During this time, the locals come together, forging bonds and strengthening the community spirit.

At the heart of these jubilee celebrations lies the ancient and unique concept of Community Asset Vouchers. Each group, like Kithito, Maskalini, Great Vision, and Baraka, has its distinct voucher, such as "kithio" and "maska." These vouchers represent their commitments to mutual aid and also act as a currency within the community, providing a means for trading and mutual support appreciation when cash is scarce.

The Kithito group, located in Kitui East's Endau ward, has embraced the Community Asset Voucher "kithio" with enthusiasm inorder to track their Mwethia cycles of mutual aid. Their jubilee celebration saw the participation of various stakeholders, including area chiefs, village administrators, and elders. The day was filled with joy and camaraderie as new members joined, experiencing the strength of unity firsthand.


Kithito Members celebrating their Jubilee

Maskalini Village in the Voo ward of Kitui East took center stage during their jubilee celebration. The group celebrated their traditional heritage through songs and performances, emphasizing the importance of "Mwethia" and community asset vouchers like "maska." These vouchers became lifelines during times of financial scarcity, fostering self-reliance and mutual support.

image Masikalini Members dancing during their Jubilee celebrations

Great Vision in Voo ward and Baraka in Zombe ward, echoed the sentiment of unity during their jubilee celebrations. As the chief and administrator of the areas attended, they encouraged all groups to embrace unity, exchanging ideas, and leveraging various community assets for collective growth.

image Area chief addressing Baraka Group in Zombe Ward

Settling Debts, Sharing Blessings As the jubilee came to a close, the true essence of the celebrations came to light - settling debts and sharing blessings. All 13 groups gathered to share their community asset vouchers, making sure each member's balance was settled. Those with surpluses exchanged products with those in need, showcasing the power of cooperation and compassion.

A Journey of Transformation The jubilee celebrations in Kitui East have become a beacon of hope and transformation, where unity and community asset vouchers have paved the way for prosperity. With each passing jubilee, debts are settled, hearts are united, and dreams are fulfilled. The impact of these celebrations has been felt not only by the community members but also by those inspired to contribute to this noble cause.