Celebrating "Mweria Revival": A Community-Produced Video from Kilifi

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Grassroots Economics Foundation is excited to unveil "Mweria Revival," a Participatory Video created by local Kilifi and Kwale community members Kenya. This video, developed with the training and support of InsightShare, highlights the rich tradition of Mweria—a Rotating Labor Association practiced by the Mijikenda people and similar to customs seen in many indigenous cultures worldwide.

Mweria fosters mutual support and community solidarity, and this video beautifully showcases how the community has revived this ancestral practice. It depicts real-life scenes of communal farming, collective problem-solving, and the joyous spirit of working together, reaffirming that Mweria is not just a tradition but a vital part of their daily lives.

Watch the Video Now: Mweria Revivial

Mweria Revival

Why You Should Watch "Mweria Revival"

  • Celebrate Ancestral Wisdom: See how the Mijikenda people maintain their cultural heritage through Mweria.
  • Understand Grassroots Economics: Learn how non-monetary practices like Mweria are essential for building community resilience and trust.
  • Be Inspired by Community Spirit: Witness the power of collective action and support in transforming lives and sustaining traditions.

We are proud to be part of this journey to revitalize Mweria, aligning with our mission to promote commitment pooling and ecological stewardship.

Join Us in Celebrating Mweria! Watch "Mweria Revival" now and be inspired by the strength of community collaboration. Visit Sarafu.Network to learn more about how Community Asset Vouchers are supporting such invaluable traditions.