unSafari ethSafari

By Will Ruddick

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Sadly a Safari in Kenya is generally an elite activity to see wildlife which often ignores communities on the ground. The cost for a tourist’s ticket and travel represents months to years worth of income for most people living here in Kenya. We aim to unSafari ETHSafari so they do not make the mistake of ignoring local communities and their efforts toward blockchain integration of economic commons. We would love to encourage attendees to participate in learning from and supporting local blockchain based economies by experiencing how members of different communities here in Kilifi are implementing digital tokens to make an economic difference. unSafari participants can interact with local blockchain vouchers from community members. Watch this short video about it!

Join the unSafari!


An unSafari with OneProject.org with Muugano Elders Community Group

Visit real communities using blockchain on a daily basis in urban and rural Kilifi - including mesh networks, community inclusion currencies and economic commons.

unSafari Schedule:

  1. Thursday September 22nd: Rural Blockchain Market day 10am - 4pm Meet at Grassroots Economics (Safaru-Network) headquarters for an introduction then we’re off by 12 noon to visit Majajani village. A community using blockchain in rural Kilifi.
  2. Friday September 23rd: Urban Blockchain Market day 10am - 2pm Meet at Grassroots Economics (Safaru-Network) headquarters for an introduction then come attend a market day of Muugano Community Elders Group using blockchain in urban Kilifi. Check out a blockchain based mesh network
  3. Saturday September 24th: Blockchain discussion and Movie night 6pm-10pm Meet at Grassroots Economics (Safaru-Network) headquarters for some dinner and discussion as well as a showing of an important movie about Community Currencies.
  4. Sunday September 25th: LGBTQI+ Economy of Support 10am - 4pm community Gathering at the Food Movement in Kilifi involving learning and earning activities; Market Day, CIC training in Swahili and Dev Discussion.
  5. Monday September 26th: Training Day/Panel Discussion 9am - 11am at Grassroots Economics HQ for a CIC training in English and discussion around commitment in an economic commons. 12 - 2pm lunch at the Food Movement
  6. Tuesday 27th: Kilifi Creek Dhow (Boat) Ride 4pm - 7pm Final get together and fun day. Meet at Nautilus at 3pm


  1. Please RSVP and mention your interest for each day, so we can plan for local transport and boxed lunches. [email protected]
  2. Transport to our Grassroot Economics headquarters (HQ) - near Supreme Petrol Station, south of Kilifi bridge. Call us for directions +254757628885
  3. Please get a Safaricom sim card - this will be used to access blockchain based vouchers.
  4. While these events will be free of charge we recommend donations via crypto to support the cause (Note that lunches at Food Movement are not free!)